Be a Square

Sunday, October 31, 2010


My favorite season is here! I just love love love sitting on my back porch and looking at the array of fall colors. My town is known as the city of trees, and rightfully so. It looks like a crayola box:) This season has inspired me to make one of my favorite earring and necklace combos so far. The necklace is a combination of metal, glass, stone and wire. It hangs about 6-7inches from the neck and would nicely compliment a turtleneckor sweater. The colors in this necklace include burnt reds and oranges (red jasper stone), copper,  burgundy wire, and bronze spacers. The toggle clasp hooks in the front with three dangling pendants that create a chandelier look. This necklace can dress up a casual outfit or accentuate formal wear. Earrings: Using the same materials, I made two matching pairs of wire wrapped earrings with copper ear wires which can be viewed in this post.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Night Owl Creations

When I can't sleep, I usually comfort myself by burying my head in a good book or by making earrings. Best sleeping blues therapy ever! The night I made these earrings, I was experiencing end-of-book remorse. I had just finished a really good book and was not yet ready to delve into another. Here are some pictures of what happens when I stay up too late. All of the earrings displayed in this post are now for sale in the absolutely adorable boutique, 360 Ecotique in Chico, CA.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cafe Culture

Here is one of many pairs of earrings I had on display at a booth at the holistic fair at Cafe Culture in Chico, CA. I will be posting these on my page within the next week or so. This is  my second attempt at making my own earring pendants by wire looping and bending. looping each pendant until they were symetrical was a challenge but it was worth it. I love these earrings! Not only are they extra-dangly shoulder dusters, they also shimmer and make jingle noises which make me want to take up belly dancing!