Be a Square

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Night Owl Creations

When I can't sleep, I usually comfort myself by burying my head in a good book or by making earrings. Best sleeping blues therapy ever! The night I made these earrings, I was experiencing end-of-book remorse. I had just finished a really good book and was not yet ready to delve into another. Here are some pictures of what happens when I stay up too late. All of the earrings displayed in this post are now for sale in the absolutely adorable boutique, 360 Ecotique in Chico, CA.


  1. I have those earrings and love them! I have gotten lots of compliments when I wear them!

  2. Hey Friend I think you have a lovely eye for jewelry... and I hope to get a pair for myself, with a matching necklace of course:)